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Motorhome stuck on the Beach

We are On the Road Again, this time to recover two Artic Cat side by sides stuck in the litter box near Sand Hollow or as the locals call it "Hurricane Sand Dunes" They had rented two machines and wanted to see what the off road sport was all about. One machine they had a mechanical issue and only had front wheel drive about a mile from the truck. The other became stuck in the soft sand while trying to assist the other. Hopefully they will give the sport another try and I offered to take them out next time they rent machines. We were able to get them out with a little bit of effort, then we got back On the Road Again. Thanks for Watching! Casey

Motorhome stuck on the Beach

We are On the Road Again, this time to recovery a Motorhome buried to the frame on the beach at Sand Hollow State Park. We have a yearly event called Trail Hero and so we have thousands of people visiting the area, the camping and parking spots are a premium. Sometimes people get in places they didn't intend to be, usually in vehicles that shouldn't be where they are at! Many times vendors come in after dark and the entire area is soft sand that can change from one day to the next. These guys were sponsors of the event and we are very grateful to have awesome supporters and vendors! We were very happy to help get pulled out and left them with a nice 1 inch Yankum Rope for the next time they get stuck! It was a good "first job" for the 5 ton and now we just need to get more gear in the beast, including a bigger Yankum Rope. Thanks for coming along for the ride. As always, Thanks for Watching. Casey

National Public Lands Day Service Project

We are On the Road Again, this time for what has turned into a tradition for our family. We get involved in numerous projects each year, cleaning up and improving our public lands in Utah. (DRATS, UPLA) Being involved in Public land issues has always been a huge passion of ours. Having been the past Vice President of the Utah Four Wheel Drive Association and highly involved in public land issues and Off Road events, this is our way of giving back. We erected several different information Kiosk's over the last few weeks, but this was the one we were assigned to for NPLD. Thanks for coming along for the ride. Thanks for all your support. Casey

Recovery after Recovery at Sand Hollow State Park

We are On the Road Again, This time for a day off and some fun in the sun. Well that turned into the phone ringing off the hook for one recovery after another. Everyone from Jeep, Ford, Dodge and Toyota were represented in the stuck department today. We could dramatize a simple recovery at Sand Hollow, but this is about how they all go down. Thanks for joining me on the beach and thanks for all the support! Casey

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